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They came from big and small places of Mainland China. They all came to one city seeking for different dreams. Far away from homes, they experience a brand new life here. In Hong Kong, a huge city which has tens of thousands of people come and go everyday, these young people were built up by the feed of the city.

Sometimes, they feel excited; sometimes, they are confused. They cry and they smile. They feel the feel of sweet, they taste the taste of suffer. They seem to be accompanied by friends and loved ones all the way around, yet they need to face the loneliness by themselves from time to time.

They are all the guests of this city.

This vox pop slideshow is conducted at Hong Kong Baptist University. The characters are from various departments and grades. They haven’t got any awareness of what the true society is until they got out of their ivory tower of hometown and entered the gate of university.

After this journey in Hong Kong, they may move forward to another unknown future a step or more.